Zoltron Pop Up Shop Opens April 15, 12-6pm

“Apocalypse When?” A Zoltron Pop-up shop coming to Gallery 1506 on Saturday April 15th. We’ll be dropping Armageddon safety kits, Molotov cocktail ignition supplies, Norwegian Death Metal hoodies and juice boxes for the kids.We got letterpress prints, limited edition blotters, and all your favorite elements and substances in some sort of manifestation.. bronze, aluminum, paper, nickel, wood and enamel. We got T-shirts, sculptures, rare and evocative grails pulled from the archives. And if we’re all so lucky, Frank Kozik will dress up as a hobbit and serenade us with his mandolin.

The Zoltron Pop Up Shop will be at Gallery 1506 from April 15 to May 7. More details coming soon...

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Images from our previous exhibition Mouse House

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